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Checking Readiness in the MLS

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MuscleSound assessments can help gauge when a player is ready for activity and when additional recovery tools are needed before a competition. History: An MLS player was experiencing considerable hamstring tightness from a game two days prior. MuscleSound Analysis: The red arrow in the figure above corresponds to Pre-Training Muscle Fuel Levels of 33 and … Continued

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MuscleSound Assessments Are Here

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MuscleSound is excited to announce our new assessments – focused evaluations guided by our users’ wants and needs. Our technology offers two main sources for our measurements: Muscle Fuel and Body Composition. However, we now have the mechanisms to properly use these measurements through our assessments. We can help the end user know exactly what … Continued

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MuscleSound Assessment – Body Composition

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MuscleSound is excited to announce our Body Composition assessment – a mechanism to properly use our Body Compositon measurement. We can now help the end user know exactly what they are looking for and when a change has happened. Fitness is not just ‘scale weight’ and our tool allows the user to track REAL progress. Understanding … Continued

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What is Body Composition?

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The body is composed of water, protein, minerals, and fat. A two-component model of body composition divides the body into a fat component and fat-free component. Body fat is the most variable constituent of the body. The total amount of body fat consists of essential fat and storage fat. Essential Fat is necessary for normal … Continued

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When To Measure Muscle Fuel

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MuscleSound assesses ‘Muscle Energy Status’ (MES) – a source of muscle energy production that is composed of muscle glycogen and associated muscle fluid. Research has shown that there are best practices and guidelines as to WHEN to measure Muscle Fuel to get the best, most accurate results. Optimal Times to use MuscleSound MuscleSound can be … Continued

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MuscleSound in Endurance Athletes: Nutrition

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Intro: MuscleSound and the CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center work in tandem to create a unique experience for patients and athletes to help understand more about their Muscle Energy Status™ (MES) and their body composition, both of which lead to performance optimization. Background: An elite triathlete and her training team at the CU Sport … Continued

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MuscleSound In Endurance Athletes – Muscle Misfires

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Discovering Muscle Misfire to Maximize Recovery Background: This elite athlete felt as if she was not performing as efficiently as she should have been. MuscleSound® Intervention: As you can see in the chart below, MuscleSound® found a greater depletion level in her right leg than in her left leg post workout session. It was clear … Continued

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MuscleSound in College Football – Training & Nutrition For Peak Performance

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A Division 1-A College Football team began working with MuscleSound® technology in 2013. They specifically were interested in utilizing proper training and nutrition techniques to support peak performance. The team observed a 60% decrease in soft tissue injuries. MuscleSound has helped guide the training staff to make informed decisions not only on appropriate peak performance strategies, but … Continued

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