Point-of-Care Software to Diagnose Malnutrition


MuscleSound’s FDA Registered, clinical decision-making software and ultrasound analytics solution equips healthcare providers with a new standard of care.

Solving the Malnutrition Problem

MuscleSound is the new standard of care.

“This metric is so vital that we believe muscle health will become the next measurement to qualify overall health,

similar to blood pressure, heart rate, and other ‘vital signs’.”
– Dr. Paul Wischmeyer, Duke University Medical Center

Malnutrition, Sarcopenia, Frailty, Cachexia and other muscle composition and nutrition-based conditions are rarely diagnosed, rarely documented, rarely treated, and rarely coded and billed for – yet continue to significantly contribute to adverse surgical care, critical care, cancer care and rehabilitation care outcomes.

The estimated annual cost of disease-associated malnutrition is over $147 billion in the U.S. market alone.

Research shows that up to 60% of hospitalized adults have malnutrition, yet only 10% of malnourished patients are actually diagnosed as malnourished and of those diagnosed, less than 40% receive meaningful nutrition therapy.

MuscleSound will solve the malnutrition problem.

Clinical Ultrasound Analytics

to Diagnose Malnutrition, Sarcopenia, Frailty and Cachexia


MuscleSound is a Colorado- based digital health company, who developed the only point-of-care test to assess malnutrition by automating the analysis of ultrasound images.

Accurate Data

MuscleSound has spent years refining its technology in partnership with Duke University Medical Center, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Appalachian State University and other leading medical institutions around the world, ensuring users of accurate and actionable data.

Reimbursement and Cost Savings

Healthcare systems and physicians will realize substantial additional reimbursement through an accurate diagnosis of malnutrition, as well as significant healthcare savings.

New Standard of Care

MuscleSound is a new vital sign that will be used in nearly all areas of medical practice. By diagnosing patients upon admittance and monitoring, during and after treatment, patients will receive proper care, better outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

Proven Solution

Our FDA Registered, cloud-based software platform provides immediate and actionable results in many healthcare settings. Using MuscleSound’s technology will lead to fewer hospital days, lower re-admission rates, avoiding unnecessary procedures and faster healing.

MuscleSound is the new standard of care.

Why MuscleSound?

Because our FDA Registered, patented software platform makes it easy to track and monitor progress.
You get real results.

MuscleSound provides a range of measures to monitor muscle health – the capacity of a muscle to store, generate and replenish energy.

Our patented system makes it easy to track progress and compare results. Get rapid and accurate information to guide your patient before, during and after treatment.

MuscleSound is a Colorado-based ultrasound analytics company that is:

  • The only point-of-care test to assess malnutrition, enabling high fidelity documentation of malnutrition
  • Utilized by leading medical centers
  • Able to provide a quantitative, non-invasive, rapid response assessment of muscle health
  • Used daily worldwide with a fully developed software suite
  • Able to pair existing clinical ultrasound technology

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