Patient Evaluation: How It Works

MuscleSound’s FDA Registered software uses non-invasive ultrasound imagery to improve patient care creating a new standard of care and the next vital sign.

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound safely transmits high-frequency sound waves into the body through a device known as a transducer.

During an ultrasound scan, different tissues and fluids within the muscle reflect these sound waves back at different speeds, producing different shapes and brightness’s of the scanned image. These, in turn, can be analyzed for a range of metabolic and structural functions.

MuscleSound uses these images, combined with its patented algorithms, to provide better than gold-standard data on malnutrition and overall muscle health.

Ultrasound looks inside the muscle.

MuscleSound uses clinical ultrasound analytics to improve patient health.

This quick and easy three-step process takes the guesswork out of assessing patients’ malnutrition, related morbidities and overall muscle health.

First, ultrasound images are acquired and exported to MuscleSound cloud-based servers.

Second, MuscleSound utilizes its proprietary algorithms to analyze the muscle of interest.

Third, highly accurate results and historical data can be viewed on any internet-enabled device within seconds, allowing for instant communication with the patient.

The information can be used in a variety of ways to improve patient health, evaluation, and diagnosis.

Immediate and actionable reporting

Automating Ultrasound Analysis

With MuscleSound technology, you’re able to autonomously generate actionable and trackable data from musculoskeletal ultrasound images.

MuscleSound will compare your patients’ images to its proprietary database to provide precise data on the state of malnutrition, related morbidities, muscular conditions and overall muscle health. MuscleSound is the complete solution.









Case Study:
Three Weeks Post Knee Replacement

MuscleSound provided accurate and actionable data to understand the rate and timing of recovery, enabling the healthcare provider to accurately administer treatment and physical therapy.

Replaces current uses of CT and MRI scans
to measure muscle wasting and intramuscular fat (IMAT).

Significant cost reduction vs. gold standards.

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