MuscleSound is excited to announce our new assessments – focused evaluations guided by our users’ wants and needs. Our technology offers two main sources for our measurements: Muscle Fuel and Body Composition. However, we now have the mechanisms to properly use these measurements through our assessments. We can help the end user know exactly what they are looking for and when change has happened.

Assessments will direct the user to understand WHY they are using MuscleSound

  • It makes it easier to use, end-to-end
  • We know the user persona, so we can build scenarios of value that is important to them
  • Instruct user on the scans to collect
  • Provide results specific to that user type and assessment

Assessments available today:

  • Check Readiness
    • Two of the most powerful benefits of MuscleSound are the ability to ensure (i) your readiness for your exercise ‘event’ and (ii) your recovery is sufficient for future events. Simply believing you are ready is not enough. With MuscleSound you now have access to previously unavailable, personalized information related to your physiological readiness for exercise! Many professional teams in a variety of sports use MuscleSound with this kind of approach and tell us it is a key tool for their success.
    • See The Check Readiness Assessment In Action
  • Monitor Rehab
    • Are you ready to return to activity? Injured muscles have less capacity to store and utilize Muscle Fuel than healthy muscles. As you move through the rehab process, your muscle begins to heal and this capacity increases. Such improvements can be monitored and tracked by MuscleSound and used to determine the extent and success of the recovery process. Take the guesswork out of your rehab and facilitate a faster return to activity.
    • See the Monitor Rehab Case Story Here 
  • Body Composition
    • Understanding the importance of the relative amount and changes in muscle and body fat as it relates to overall weight is one of the most effective and meaningful ways to track personal progress in both health and fitness. MuscleSound is at the cutting edge of assessing body composition. A major review of body composition methods recently reported that ultrasound techniques are highly valid and reliable measures of subcutaneous fat.
    • See the Body Composition Assessment Example
  • Data Collection
    • Data collection for research can be daunting so we have created an assessment to streamline the process
    • Researchers want a fixed, consistent pre-intervention baseline measure against which to compare post-intervention outcomes collected over the duration of the study. By using our Data Collection Assessment fuel level results are recalculated for each subject referencing the entire study to determine the minimum and maximum of that individual’s fuel tank. This normalizes data against the initial baseline measure.