MuscleSound is excited to announce our Body Composition assessment – a mechanism to properly use our Body Compositon measurement. We can now help the end user know exactly what they are looking for and when a change has happened.

Fitness is not just ‘scale weight’ and our tool allows the user to track REAL progress. Understanding the importance of the relative amount and changes in muscle and body fat as it relates to overall weight is one of the most effective and meaningful ways to track personal progress in both health and fitness. MuscleSound is at the cutting edge of assessing body composition.


A MuscleSound body comp test is based on measuring the actual fat layer thickness at 7 different sites. From these measurements, we derive your body fat %, fat mass, and lean mass. You can use these measurements to determine if you’re meeting your overall body composition goals.

Body Fat estimate using Jackson & Pollock, 1978. Scale based on Gallagher, et al., 2000 and the CDC’s adult BMI guidelines.

Segmental Fat Analysis

Track fat layer thickness for each site over time. See how each site contributes to overall body fat %. Site measurements provide insights into body fat loss and muscle growth resulting from exercise. Use this data for enhanced development of complete physical fitness profiles.