MuscleSound assessments can help gauge when a player is ready for activity and when additional recovery tools are needed before a competition.


An MLS player was experiencing considerable hamstring tightness from a game two days prior.

MuscleSound Analysis:

The red arrow in the figure above corresponds to Pre-Training Muscle Fuel Levels of 33 and 17 for the left and right lateral hamstrings respectively.  Based on these low scores, medical staff made recommendations for the player to be restricted in the upcoming training session to recover leading up to the match in four days.


The player was not restricted for the training session and trained at a high intensity, further fatiguing this muscle group.  He played 90 minutes on 5/3/17 (4 days post-assessment) and experienced a grade 3 left hamstring strain near the end of the game and will not have returned to play until 8/5/17, putting him out for nearly 9 weeks.