Wide-Ranging Clinical Applications

MuscleSound, using its FDA Registered and patented technology, provides the first and only point- of-care test to assess malnutrition in patient populations spanning the healthcare spectrum.

MuscleSound’s Clinical Focuses

While these are the primary focus areas, MuscleSound’s cloud-based, actionable and non—invasive technology can apply and benefit almost any area throughout the patient healthcare journey.

Perioperative Care

Preoperative assessment of patient’s ability to physically handle surgery

Malnutrition is underdiagnosed driving high postoperative mortality, morbidity, length of stay, readmissions and costs.

Implement preoperative assessment to guide the implementation of exercise and nutrition protocols before surgery.


Hospital-based critical and intensive care to measure muscle wasting

Malnutrition is underdiagnosed and undertreated with <50% of nutritional requirements provided.

Measure muscle wasting to evaluate daily nutrition status to decrease mortality.


Cancer care and treatment providing marker to determine treatment

Treatment often does not align with patient nutritional fitness for maximum care efficiency.

Guide care treatment by evaluation of muscle health and nutrition status to guide personalized treatments.


Treatment of diseases and abnormalities of the heart

Heart failure progression prediction requires monitoring, but current monitoring protocols are expensive and invasive.

Implement risk assessment for treatment guidance to improve aerobic exercise capacity.

Physical Medicine & Rehab

Treatment of physical ailments
and rehabilitation

Personalized rehabilitation care plans for recovery are often not aligned to muscle health, nutrition and exercise tolerance.

Guide rehabilitation via assessment of muscle recovery status to improve rehab progress.

MuscleSound’s software reaches every corner of the healthcare spectrum and will make a long-lasting and life-changing impact on your patient population. Find out more about how our technology can benefit your healthcare organization.

Making an Impact with
Breakthrough Treatment

MuscleSound provides health systems with actionable data to diagnose and measure comorbid conditions (e.g., malnutrition, sarcopenia, frailty and cachexia) leading to easy and more accurate risk assessment, secondary diagnosis documentation and better treatment protocols.

MuscleSound’s technology has been utilized by Duke University Medical Center, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Appalachian State University and other leading medical centers around the world.

More than 50% of patients have poorly or undiagnosed comorbidities at the time of their surgery.

During the first week of ICU care, patients lose more than 20% of their muscle mass.

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