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MuscleSound in Cycling – Recovery Management

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Injury Recovery Management Background: A cycling team’s coaches sought the status and performance breakdown of each of cyclist during training camp. MuscleSound® Intervention: Testing was performed on each athlete both pre and post training sessions each week. A number of athletes had performed, depleted, and recovered properly throughout the camp. However, a few athletes elicited caution … Continued

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MuscleSound in Endurance Athletes – Nutrition and Readiness

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MuscleSound® began working with World Class caliber athletes at the start of 2013. Though goals and issues were different across each athlete, they have all seen unbelievable results since inception. MuscleSound technology operates within the following competencies: to check readiness for an event, to help establish each athlete’s calculated peak performance levels, and to help ensure … Continued

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MuscleSound in College Football – Training & Nutrition For Peak Performance

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A Division 1-A College Football team began working with MuscleSound® technology in 2013. They specifically were interested in utilizing proper training and nutrition techniques to support peak performance. The team observed a 60% decrease in soft tissue injuries. MuscleSound has helped guide the training staff to make informed decisions not only on appropriate peak performance strategies, but … Continued

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