MuscleSound® began working with World Class caliber athletes at the start of 2013. Though goals and issues were different across each athlete, they have all seen unbelievable results since inception. MuscleSound technology operates within the following competencies: to check readiness for an event, to help establish each athlete’s calculated peak performance levels, and to help ensure individualized safe and efficient injury rehabilitation programs. The following story is proof of MuscleSound’s success, further illustrates how powerful the technology is, and what it can do for all individuals.

Background: This athlete was healthy and had no complaints before MuscleSound testing.

MuscleSound Intervention: MuscleSound found a distinct biomechanical variance in her legs. When MuscleSound explained this to the athlete, she mentioned she was, in fact, recovering from a left hamstring injury.

Result: Although this athlete initially claimed she was healthy, MuscleSound was able to detect biomechanical variances that indicated ongoing recovery from injury. MuscleSound also recommended a post workout refueling combination, specifically for this athletes’ recovery needs. Test results showed immediate improvement post event, as shown in both graphs below. This particular regiment coupled with persistent testing was required for continual and proper recovery. Through MuscleSound testing, this athlete regained symmetry in both legs. The top left chart shows the vast difference in her right leg than in her left, illustrated by the dark purple line in comparison to the light purple line.  Using the bar chart numerically indicates how large of a difference this athlete’s fuel levels were, confirming the persistent injury.

musclesound-score-graph graph-2