Understanding Estimated Fuel Level (EFL) For Injury Tracking

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This MLB outfielder was scanned over the course of the 2016 regular season. He began to note left hamstring soreness before ultimately being placed on the 15 Day DL due to a left hamstring injury.

MuscleSound Analysis:

Using our platform, MuscleSound was able to detect this injury within this player’s Estimated Fuel Level (EFL) measure. Although the MuscleSound test was performed on his left and right RF muscles, our system detected the depletion in his left RF muscle, contributing to the overall energy depletion in his thigh.


MuscleSound recommended continual use of our system to help ensure proper recovery of this player’s hamstring and thus increase his Estimated Fuel Levels to get back to a green, healthy status. It would have also been beneficial for this player to have had his hamstrings scanned during the onset of his fatigue/pain to have had a better overall picture as to his depletion levels, and ultimately susceptibility to soft tissue injury. MuscleSound recommended the addition of both left and right hamstrings in this athlete’s assessment protocol to help track his injury back to health.