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NFL Player Tracking Through the Season

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Background: This NFL offensive lineman was first scanned during physical assessments June 2016. The MuscleSound system alerted that he had low values and a low overall fuel rating compared to his peer group within MuscleSound database. These lower ratings continued throughout training camp and pre-season games. MuscleSound Analysis: However leading up to the start of the … Continued

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Announcing New MuscleSound Scoring

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MuscleSound®,a Denver-based performance and health technology company that founded the only non-invasive way of measuring MuscleHealth® to optimize performance and muscle readiness, today announced the rollout of a new scoring system for its cutting-edge ultrasound technology. Following more than five years of collecting data on athletes and patients, the company has developed a vast knowledge-base … Continued

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MuscleSound Scoring 3.0

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A big change is happening! We’re excited to roll out our brand new MuscleSound scoring system. Following more than 5 years of collecting data and explaining Muscle Fuel scores to coaches, trainers, and athletes, we have developed a vast knowledge-base that has enabled us to more accurately provide meaningful and actionable information about Muscle Health. This … Continued

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