MuscleSound®,a Denver-based performance and health technology company that founded the only non-invasive way of measuring MuscleHealth® to optimize performance and muscle readiness, today announced the rollout of a new scoring system for its cutting-edge ultrasound technology.

Following more than five years of collecting data on athletes and patients, the company has developed a vast knowledge-base that has enabled a more accurate method to provide meaningful and actionable information about muscle health. Available immediately to existing and new customers, the robust and comprehensive system will standardize the scoring process by providing more historical data, muscle group comparisons, context of individual scores and peer comparison. The new scoring system makes it easier to track progress, compare results and provides information on Muscle Energy Status, a new and unique measure that gives a more complete picture of an individual’s muscle health.

Muscle Energy Status is made up of Estimated Fuel Level, the level of energy stored in a muscle at any given time, and Muscle Fuel Rating, the comparison of an individual’s muscle fuel score with those of thousands of others in the MuscleSound database. Together these scores can track if an individual’s muscle is rated high or low, ready for an event or in need of attention. The new scoring is also able to showcase Muscle Symmetry, the balance of MuscleSound scores between corresponding right and left muscles of the upper or lower body.

All data provided to MuscleSound’s clients using the old scoring system will be remapped into the new scoring data as part of the rollout.

“As the industries we serve continue to evolve, our goal is to ensure we are always offering the best in class technology that generates meaningful and actionable results for our customers,” said Andy Jackson, CEO and President of MuscleSound. “Having successfully worked with professional athletes, fitness, and medical facilities for more than five years, we are now able to utilize our robust muscle health database to better serve our clients by maximizing optimal readiness, efficient muscle fueling and effective recovery. In addition to the impressive results we’ve seen thus far, we are confident the new scoring system will enhance not only the results for existing customers and their industries, but also become an invaluable tool in critical healthcare situations, such as the ICU and ER.”

MuscleSound technology is used by MLB, NBA, USA Women’s Track Cycling, Pac-12 and SEC institutions, fitness clubs and rehabilitation centers, physicians, including use in ICU and ER scenarios, and municipal and government service agencies, such as the military, police departments and fire fighters. The technology offers coaches, athletes, trainers, physicians, and doctors real-time data by looking inside the muscle, which allows for immediate and personalized nutritional and performance-based recommendations, to unlock the body’s full potential to improve overall health.

Founded in 2011, MuscleSound has scanned more than 2,400 athletes and 100,000 muscles using the only-known useable and accurate database of muscle energy and muscle health. Clients include, but are not limited to, the Colorado Rockies, the Kansas City Royals, the Dallas Mavericks, the USA Women’s Track Cycling Team and the universities of Colorado, South Carolina and Oregon State University.

To learn more about MuscleSound, visit or watch company video.

About MuscleSound

MuscleSound is a Denver-based performance and health technology company that helps athletes optimize performance levels with non-invasive MuscleHealth┬« measurements. The company’s patented software technology and methodology has made non-invasive, real-time measurement of muscle fuel and body composition a reality. MuscleSound delivers prompt and precise data that allows for proactive performance and health-based recommendations to effectively optimize overall recovery and readiness. For more information, visit

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