MES score

A big change is happening! We’re excited to roll out our brand new MuscleSound scoring system.

Following more than 5 years of collecting data and explaining Muscle Fuel scores to coaches, trainers, and athletes, we have developed a vast knowledge-base that has enabled us to more accurately provide meaningful and actionable information about Muscle Health. This new and unique concept is defined as “The capacity of a muscle to store, generate, and replenish energy.”

Our new scoring will make it much easier to track progress and compare results for your client/athlete. It will also provide information on their Muscle Energy Status (MES) – a component of Muscle Health. MES compares the ‘readiness’ of a muscle to exert energy, from both a functional and health perspective.

Muscle Energy Status is made up of two new measures – Estimated Fuel Level and Muscle Fuel Rating. A fully fueled, well-rated muscle is at a high Muscle Energy Status and is at optimal readiness for performance.

Our new scoring system includes both these measures as well as an estimation of Fuel Symmetry. Click on each of these below for more information.

Our new scoring system will be more robust to provide:

  • More sensitive measures
  • More historical data
  • Muscle group comparisons
  • More context of individual scores
  • Peer-to-peer comparisons

These changes are now live in our app. If you want more information about our new scoring system, please reach out to anyone on our team for a demonstration and further help.