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Muscle Energy Status – Depleted Teams

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MuscleSound worked with MLB and MLS Teams to gauge their Muscle Energy Status (MES) in March as their seasons were just beginning. MES is defined as: A combined value made up of Estimated Fuel Level and Muscle Fuel Rating. A fully fueled and well-rated muscle is at a high (green) Muscle Energy Status, and is then … Continued

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MLB Game Readiness

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History: The first of a three-MLB game series in a weekend finished late at night. This player lacked quality sleep that night and felt tired on game day two of the series the following day. MuscleSound Analysis: A Muscle Fuel “Check Readiness” assessment conducted two hours pre-game two showed his Muscle Energy Status to be … Continued

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MuscleSound Featured in SGB Media

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SGB Media talked to the MuscleSound team and Rockies Head Athletic Trainer about readiness and performance. For the past five years, Denver-based MuscleSound has given Colorado Rockies Head Athletic Trainer Keith Dugger the inside scoop on his players’ performance. Read the full article here.

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MuscleSound and Colorado Rockies Celebrate Five-Year Partnership

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MuscleSound and Colorado Rockies Celebrate Five-Year Partnership Denver Major League Baseball Team Improves Muscle Health and Recovery Since Implementing MuscleSound’s Game-changing Ultrasound Technology DENVER—April 20, 2017— MuscleSound®, a Denver-based performance and health technology company that discovered and developed the only non-invasive way of measuring MuscleHealth® to optimize performance and muscle readiness, today announced a five-year … Continued

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MuscleSound In The MLB – Monitoring Injury Recovery to Ensure Appropriate Return to Play

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An MLB team began using MuscleSound® to evaluate and monitor their players’ Muscle Fuel levels before the 2013 season. Since then, the club has seen a drastic decrease in soft tissue injuries that have saved the organization millions of dollars in lost salaries. The following outlines how the training staff has incorporated MuscleSound into their everyday … Continued

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