The first of a three-MLB game series in a weekend finished late at night. This player lacked quality sleep that night and felt tired on game day two of the series the following day.

MuscleSound Analysis:

A Muscle Fuel “Check Readiness” assessment conducted two hours pre-game two showed his Muscle Energy Status to be low at 32, indicating that his muscles had not been able to recover under the given conditions, and were in a sub-optimal state for competition.


To intervene, training staff advised the player to consume extra calories before the game by adding a shake to his pre-game meal and to replace water that day with sports drinks containing high glycemic carbohydrates.  The importance of a good night’s sleep after game two, going into game three was also stressed. The player had abided by nutritional guidelines and was able to get in an adequate duration of quality sleep that night.  A second Muscle Fuel assessment was administered the next day, two hours before game three, showing that his pre-game MES had improved by 22 from his pre-game 2 results, and he was no longer exhibiting a low Muscle Energy Status. Results were able to provide training staff with actionable information, inciting and validating appropriate interventions to bring this player to a state of competition readiness.