MuscleSound worked with MLB and MLS Teams to gauge their Muscle Energy Status (MES) in March as their seasons were just beginning.

MES is defined as: A combined value made up of Estimated Fuel Level and Muscle Fuel Rating. A fully fueled and well-rated muscle is at a high (green) Muscle Energy Status, and is then at optimal readiness for performance. The below readings highlight a lot of red / depleted muscles. This is surprising as the athletes coming into pre-season 2017 should re-charged for the new season!


MuscleSound was able to work with these teams both pre-season and moving into training and play to measure their MES and make sure they were at optimal readiness for the start of the season.

From the graphs, we can see that we were able to work with their coaching, training and nutrition staffs to get MES levels up to appropriate readiness levels as the season began.