MuscleSound Featured in Competitor Magazine

Competitor Running discusses how MuscleSound technology can help runners understand what they might need to make every day a great day for running.   Read the full article here

MuscleSound Co-Founder John Hill Featured in UC Health

John C. Hill, DO, is a single human being, one who is tall, lean, bald-shaven, and, on this morning in his south Denver home, wearing a belt with a silver buckle he earned by finishing the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race in under 12 hours. But he must have some cat...

MuscleSound In The NFL – Optimal Performance

This NFL football team began working with MuscleSound® technology in 2014. They specifically were interested in understanding optimal performance strategies and shortening injury recovery time. The team spent 61% less on salaries paid to injured players due to soft...

MuscleSound Featured in Stack Magazine

Dr. Wayne Phillips, Chief Science Officer at MuscleSound contributes to Stack Magazine. Read the full article here: Why You Need Carbs to Build Strength and Size

MuscleSound Is A “Game Changer”

GAME CHANGER FOR LARGE JOINT PATIENTS AND THEIR REHAB New muscle-tracking software provides real-time data on professional and Olympic athletes and is used to improve their competitive advantage. In the near future it could be a game changer for patients recovering...