This NFL football team began working with MuscleSound® technology in 2014. They specifically were interested in understanding optimal performance strategies and shortening injury recovery time. The team spent 61% less on salaries paid to injured players due to soft tissue injuries than the average NFL team in the same year. MuscleSound® has helped guide the training staff to make informed decisions not only on appropriate performance strategies, but also has provided guidance to increase readiness, and when injury did occur, ensure healthy return to play strategies. The following are case studies prepared for the team during the 2014 season.


Background:  This player was injured during a game in week 8 and MuscleSound was able to detect his injury susceptibility through his Muscle Energy Status history

MuscleSound Intervention: As you can see in the chart below, MuscleSound found that in the beginning of September, his RF values on both legs scored the same. During the beginning of October he was injured with a groin strain which can be seen in the downward trend of the left RF and the drop in the right RF. But more importantly through this time period, is the decline in the right RF from 50 to 35 and the significant difference between right and left scores (35 vs. 45).


Result: Following MuscleSound’s indicators early on could have show patterns to help predict overtraining to this player. These recorded declines in Muscle Fuel scores and variances between left and right legs were an indicator that he was susceptible to an injury in his right leg. Our software identified that he should have been on alert, with a yellow status on October 30th.