Velocity Business Podcast

MuscleSound CEO Andy Jackson and Justin Holle of E3 Fitness discuss MuscleSound in action on Velocity Podcast with Ryan Estes. Full podcast available here.

MuscleSound Featured In The Denver Patch

As NFL athletes get ready for the NFL Draft, MuscleSound’s VP of Sales – Performance & Fitness provides 4 reasons understanding MuscleHealth is significant to an athlete’s performance. It’s that time of year when college football and the NFL...

MuscleSound in Run To The Finish Blog

Blogger Amanda Brooks is taking advantage of all Colorado has to offer, including MuscleSound. Read about her fitness journey, and her experience using our ultrasound technology in her latest post on her blog “Run To The Finish.”

MuscleSound at IHRSA

The MuscleSound team spent two full days at IHRSA scanning the fitness world. Here’s what happened: Club Industry’s Top 25 Social Media Moments The SportsOne Source Group Talks IHRSA

MuscleSound and Nutrition: Paleo Diet

Background: This client started the Paleo diet in early 2015 and continued with the diet through July 2015 when she said her body could not handle it anymore. At the time, her training consisted of high intensity heavy lifting (i.e. 3×20 leg press at 400lb+ no...