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5 Tips for Reducing Muscle Soreness

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Chief Science Officer Dr. Wayne Phillips offers Stack Magazine 5 Tips for Tackling Muscle Soreness Muscle soreness happens not only to first-time exercisers, but also to athletes and regular exercisers if they significantly increase the intensity and/or duration of their workouts. Post-exercise soreness is a signal that you have exercised in a way your muscles … Continued

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MuscleSound Announces Partnership with E3 Fitness

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 MuscleSound Partners with e3 Fitness to Maximize Performance Club Industry Athletic Business Colorado Tech Weekly Denver Companies Collaborate to Bring Cutting-Edge Ultrasound Technology to Measure Body Composition, Unlock Full Muscle Potential DENVER—Nov. 17, 2016—MuscleSound®, a Denver-based technology company that helps professional and recreational athletes optimize performance levels and reduce injury risk through MuscleHealth® and body … Continued

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