Background: This client started the Paleo diet in early 2015 and continued with the diet through July 2015 when she said her body could not handle it anymore. At the time, her training consisted of high intensity heavy lifting (i.e. 3×20 leg press at 400lb+ no rest in between sets and straight off to next exercise- no rest). Exercise routine: legs day 1, chest and back day 2, arms and shoulders day 3 (abs each day) – and then repeat process. Throughout this time, she was feeling extremely sluggish, recovered terribly and slept poorly. She also felt as if muscle fibers were tearing.The Muscle Energy Status was tracked in her RF with MuscleSound and showed consistent downward trends during 2015.


MuscleSound Intervention: Not only did we pay close attention to her MES, but we also measured her body composition before the intervention. It was recommended she stop the Paleo diet and increase her carb intake.

Results: There was an immense increase in scoring. In 2016, she said she was feeling absolutely fantastic, had tons of energy, recovered much faster, and was lifting heavier than last year in a more dynamic way. She was using the same exercise routine used as in 2015 but had increased in weight: legs day 1, chest and back day 2, and arms and shoulders day 3 (ab workout all sessions). In addition, her body fat dropped, lean mass increased, and overall weight dropped.

Trend Chart January 2015 – July 2016


Session Results from 7/14/16. Shows the year change extremely clearly.


Shows the change from last session in 2015 to first in 2016 (illustrating the difference ‘diet’ has made.)

Body Composition 4/27/15: Far into Paleo Regime


Weight = 140 lbs. Body Composition = 21.4% Lean Mass = 110.1 lbs.

Body Composition 8/15/16: Off of Paleo Regime


Weight = 130 lbs. Body Composition = 19.1% Lean Mass = 105.1 lbs.