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Monitoring Muscle Health in the NBA – Monitor Recovery Assessment

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MuscleHealth is defined as “The capacity of a muscle to store, generate and replenish energy” and is made up of several key factors: Muscle Size, Muscle Quality, Muscle Fuel and Body Composition. The current NBA schedule is one of the most demanding in all of professional athletics. With an average of only approximately 1.5 days … Continued

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Monitor Muscle Size

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  Background: At the time of his yearly physical, this patient did not report any injuries or complaints, but was interested in taking a deeper dive into the status of his overall MuscleHealth. Therefore, MuscleSound technology was used and the Monitor Muscle Size Assessment was used. This was the first time the patient had used this … Continued

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Muscle Energy Status Trends in the MLS

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MuscleSound evaluates a midfield MLS player’s Muscle Energy Status through the season and analyzes trends. Trend Breakdown: Played 85-90 minutes in each of first five games of regular season Low MES of 18 shown from Muscle Fuel Assessment on April 18 No minutes were played in subsequent game to grant the player rest and recovery … Continued

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MuscleSound and Colorado Rockies Celebrate Five-Year Partnership

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MuscleSound and Colorado Rockies Celebrate Five-Year Partnership Denver Major League Baseball Team Improves Muscle Health and Recovery Since Implementing MuscleSound’s Game-changing Ultrasound Technology DENVER—April 20, 2017— MuscleSound®, a Denver-based performance and health technology company that discovered and developed the only non-invasive way of measuring MuscleHealth® to optimize performance and muscle readiness, today announced a five-year … Continued

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Check Readiness and Confirm Recovery

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Is your athlete ready to train or compete with the highest possible energy stores right now? Is your athlete’s recovery routine (rest and nutrition) sufficiently replenishing his/her energy stores? Understanding your athlete’s energy stores and recovery can help you make individualized training, nutrition and recovery recommendations to optimize performance. The MuscleSound methodology provides insight to … Continued

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