Background: At the time of his yearly physical, this patient did not report any injuries or complaints, but was interested in taking a deeper dive into the status of his overall MuscleHealth. Therefore, MuscleSound technology was used and the Monitor Muscle Size Assessment was used. This was the first time the patient had used this assessment.

MuscleSound Intervention: The results of his Monitor Muscle Size Assessment show that he had a high Muscle Size discrepancy. His right Rectus Femoris (RF) scored 24% lower than his left which is a relatively large difference. Further analysis showed his left RF scored in the Average range for his peer group, while his right RF was in the Small range. As a reference, MuscleSound also provides Fuel Symmetry and Fuel Rating in this Assessment. These two measures mimic the size discrepancy as mentioned above.

Results:  When the doctor asked the patient if he knew any reason as to why the discrepancy might be so large, he learned that this patient sustained a tear in his right quadriceps 8 years prior during a rugby match. At the time of learning of this injury, he also mentioned that he never properly recovered his injury. Through this assessment, this patient learned the affect this previous injury still had on him today. It will be important for continued MuscleSound use to monitor his muscle size difference to track the effects particular interventions may influence change.