“MUSCLESOUND® provides immediate and actionable information that will enable an individual to unlock the body’s full potential to improve overall health.”

We do this by ‘looking inside your muscles’ and taking informed action on what we see related to your Muscle Energy Status (MES). This is made up predominantly of glycogen and the associated muscle fluid that enables metabolism to take place. Our system has been scientifically validated by 2 different research groups.

We also do this by looking at the composition of your muscle in terms of body fat percentage, lean body mass, and where you store body fat anatomically.

A fully fueled muscle is at a high Muscle Energy Status and is the key to reaching greater levels of exertion. This also reduces the risk of muscle damage and enhances faster recovery. Assessing MES with MuscleSound is simple, fast, and can be performed anywhere using an ultrasound. Our digital capabilities mean easy, comprehensive readings with any web device, and our cloud based application retains a complete history of all your assessments.

The beauty of MuscleSound is that all its data is stored securely in the cloud. This enables both individual and team patterns of usage and recovery to be identified over time. We can also track and predict performance, soft tissue injury risk and recovery, as well as readiness to return to play.