Understanding Muscle Energy Status (MES)

MES: A combined value made up of Estimated Fuel Level and Muscle Fuel Rating. A fully fueled and well-rated muscle is at a high (green) Muscle Energy Status, and is then at optimal readiness for performance. The above MES reading of red 38 highlights depleted muscles.

The above trend chart features 3 different phases of workloads: red statuses at the beginning of November from training camp and World Cup racing. The end of November teal and green statuses underlines regeneration & training and then the final red status in December to talks to further depleting training loads.

Understanding Estimated Fuel Level

Estimated Fuel Level (EFL): The level of energy (fuel) stored in your muscles at that moment in time. MuscleSound uses a ‘fuel tank’ analogy for this measure and, via multiple scans over time, provides a continuously updated ‘percentage full’ Estimated Fuel Level for each muscle. The data is recorded as a percentage. The above fuel scores are symmetrical, but extremely low scoring 0 & 24 from the physical loads. Less intense training is now needed to promote regeneration, along with balanced nutrition needs and use of other recovery modalities.

Understanding Fuel Rating

Muscle Fuel Rating (MFR): The comparison (rating) of a muscle’s fuel score against the MuscleSound database / including that athletes historical data. This rating answers the question, “How does my EFL compare to others?” The athletes rating (historical), still shows green with GS muscles and teal (moderate) fuel levels with RF. This informs us that the RF muscles have room to progress and grow.