NFL Player Readiness Training Alert

Background: This NFL player was monitored pre-training session during team camp. MuscleSound technology was able to analyze the player’s lack of muscle fuel and readiness for this particular session. His overall muscle energy status is a red 39 and his Right RF is red, while the other scanned muscles are only at a moderate level colored teal.

MuscleSound Analysis: After asking the player a few questions the MuscleSound team discovered that he had not eaten any breakfast that morning and probably had not eaten not since dinner at 8 pm the previous evening! In addition, the team decided that investigation will be required to look into the right to left RF variance.

The following questions were posed:
a. Difference due to playing position?
b. Do cornerbacks have a dominate leg/side?
c. Historical injuries?
d. Other known influences?
Research has shown that the non-dominant side leg recovers quicker than the dominant leg, which could be attributed to a higher frequency of technical actions performed with that dominant leg (Nedelec, M. et al., 2014).



Nedelec, M., McCall, A., Carling, C., Legall, F., Berthoin, S., & Dupont, G. (2014) “The Influence of Soccer Playing Actions on the Recovery Kinetics after a Soccer Match” Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 28(6): 1517-1523.