Measuring, analyzing and tracking muscle-specific glycogen content with MuscleSound enables athletes, trainers and coaches to make personalized and informed decisions specific to their team and the needs of each individual athlete.

team-dashboard-plus-session-results-layeredThe team dashboard provides an overview of each player on the team. This gives insight into general trends and changes in muscle-specific glycogen content levels. It gives an indication of who has been scanned recently and helps trainers determine which players should be scanned next.

The session page shows the muscle-specific glycogen content levels for an individual athlete at the time of the scan session. By comparing the current muscle-specific glycogen content to the athlete’s target, trainers and athletes can better ascertain nutritional needs in the moment. The trend gives an indication of whether muscle-specific glycogen content is moving in the right direction over the last few sessions.

The immediate, accurate and concise data generated by MuscleSound, both pre and post-performance, delivers a game-changing solution by enabling personalized nutritional and performance-based recommendations and injury prevention.