Game-changing technology delivers pre and post-performance data in seconds

MuscleSound, a Denver-based company with patented methodology and software that significantly improves athletes’ performance and reduces injury, today announced its partnership with the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball Team. MuscleSound provides Colorado Rockies players the ability to measure muscle glycogen levels pre and post-performance in seconds using portable, high-frequency ultrasound technology.

Until recently, muscle glycogen content levels could only be measured through muscle biopsy or MRI. The MuscleSound cloud-based software generates easy-to-read reports with real-time data based upon ultrasound images for each player. The Colorado Rockies have been using MuscleSound technology in a pilot program for the 2013 Season.

Unlike other technologies that provide data after performance for reactive injury management, MuscleSound is the only company that delivers pre-performance data and insight enabling immediate, personalized nutritional and performance-based recommendations for concentrated muscle recovery and injury prevention. MuscleSound post-performance scans can indicate muscle fatigue, overtraining and possible muscle damage.

“Before I started using MuscleSound, I was never able to truly have a ‘real-time’ blueprint of each of my players’ fuel levels after competition and, more importantly, before they go on the field. I now have sound evidence that we can understand and correlate to my players’ verbal cues regarding their nutrition,” said Keith Dugger, Head Athletic Trainer, Colorado Rockies Baseball Club. “The easy-to-read graphs and charts show detailed measurements of energy fluctuations during games that could directly hinder peak performance.”

“We are honored to work with home team, Colorado Rockies, to showcase the MuscleSound cutting edge technology,” said Stephen Kurtz, Chief Executive Officer of MuscleSound. “The players who have been using MuscleSound are already seeing a positive change in their performance and injury prevention and we are confident that will continue into the 2014 season.”

In addition to the Colorado Rockies, MuscleSound is also working with the National Basketball Association – specifically the Dallas Mavericks – and will soon be announcing partnerships with professional and collegiate teams, as well as other elite athletes.

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