Background: This MLB player started using MuscleSound in 2016. The use in this case was particularly tracking fuel levels during bouts of travel. Each red ‘alert’ status coincides with fatigue and stresses due to a quick turn-around in games (night to day) or late night travel.

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MuscleSound Intervention: MuscleSound notified the medical/performance staff of this trend. In addition, MuscleSound pointed out that along with the stress of travel and lack of quality sleep put on the body, it is crucial to maximize nutrition during these times. This is not only because there is a “window of opportunity” to refuel, but also because it is also easy to make poor nutrition choices due to convenience and availability during travel. MuscleSound recommended immediate intervention.

Result: Flagging this player’s pattern to the team allowed them to make further informed decisions on appropriate nutrition and timing thereof, practice patterns during travel bouts, and additional and/or modified treatment protocols during these times.