An MLB team began using MuscleSound® to evaluate and monitor their players’ glycogen levels before the 2013 season. Since then, the club has seen a drastic decrease in soft tissue injuries that have saved the organization millions of dollars in lost salaries. The following outlines how the training staff has incorporated MuscleSound® into their everyday routine in order to: 1. Decrease injury risk, 2. Improve performance, and 3. Ensure healthy return to play strategies.

Background: The player had issues in spring training concerning inadequate strength and power in his lower body. Trainers and coaches could not find a reason as to why his strength was declining.

MuscleSound® Intervention: MuscleSound Testing showed that this athlete had inadequate recovery of his muscle as the chart below illustrates the downward trend in glycogen replenishment as time progressed. MuscleSound advocated a calculated reduction in leg-training frequency per week.

MLB Story 2 image 1

Result: This adjustment in training volume allowed his muscles to complete recover and subsequently gain strength and power.