This active female adopted the Paleo diet in January 2015-July 2015. During that time, she participated in high intensity, moderate-heavy strength training. She felt as if she was constantly feeling sluggish and as if she could not recover adequately to perform in the gym for her next training session. She quit the Paleo diet, adopted a more ‘normal’ diet, followed a similar strength program and was scanned again during the middle of 2016.

MuscleSound Analysis

As the charts clearly show, she held a low to very low fuel rating during her Paleo diet. Her overall, MES was also low during that time. Post Paleo, you can see vast improvements in her fuel rating and overall MES. She reported feeling much better in the gym with decreased recovery times in between sessions.


In using MuscleSound, this female was able to track the impact nutritional habits had on her fuel levels. In addition to muscle fuel testing, she also participated in MuscleSound body composition testing. She not only improved her fuel level and fuel rating, thusly her overall muscle energy status, but also her body composition. She decreased her body fat percentage by 4% from stopping Paleo to January 2017.