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The Rise Of Technology In Soccer: How A New Wave Of Innovators Are Changing The Game

Over the next decade, technology will re-shape the beautiful game as we know it. We take a look here at two innovators – g-form and musclesound – who are part of the next wave of companies changing the game.

The conversation about technology in soccer reached a fever pitch following FIFA’s use of Video Assistant Referees at the Club World Cup. Video replay technology has long been an area of fierce debate, but it’s finally beginning to make headway after the unmitigated success of goal-line technology.

Of course, technology is always re-shaping the game in ways big and small: from the cleats we lace, to the jerseys we wear, to the balls we kick. These advancements are typically rolled out by major manufacturers alongside massive ad campaigns, with celebrity endorsements and much fanfare. However, there is a whole realm of innovation bubbling beneath the surface of the beautiful game, pursued by companies that aren’t household names today – but could be soon. The improvements these companies are pursuing could, in time, prove to be absolute game changers.

From a gear company revolutionizing the one piece of soccer equipment left untouched by progress over the past several decades, to a sports science company that has developed a science-fiction-esque way to measure performance and prevent injuries in athletes, we take a look here at two under-hyped innovators in the sport.