Denver-based Technology Company Replaces Biopsies as Immediate and Non-invasive Way to Measure MuscleHealth®; Adds More Professional Sports Teams to Growing Roster

DENVER, June 27, 2016- MuscleSound, a Denver-based performance and health technology company that helps athletes optimize performance levels and prevent injury with non-invasive MuscleHealth® measurement, is marking its fifth year in business. With an impressive and fast-growing client roster, including, but not limited to, the USA Cycling Team, Colorado Rockies, Dallas Mavericks, Kansas City Royals, Seattle Mariners, and the University of Colorado, MuscleSound celebrates partnerships with more than 25 professional organizations since its inception in 2011.

Used by coaches, athletes, physicians and trainers, MuscleSound measures an athlete’s MuscleHealth® by measuring muscle glycogen (primary energy), lean mass, and biometric imbalances in seconds, giving the trainer and athlete the data necessary to take corrective action before and after a game or training session. MuscleSound’s patented technology detects damaged muscles before a sustained injury occurs, thereby reducing injury from over-training or poor nutrition. In addition, MuscleSound can provide vital insights that enable athletes to perform at peak potential and can monitor injury recovery and ensure athletes are ready to return to competition.

MuscleSound was founded in Denver in 2011, following a scientific discovery of using ultrasound to see changes in glycogen levels. To date, MuscleSound has raised over $6 million in funding to help develop the technology and bring it to the sports and medical markets. Since 2011, MuscleSound has also shifted its product offerings, moving from solely measuring glycogen in muscles, to developing a system for understanding the overall health of a muscle.  The company’s product offerings provide users with advanced techniques to measure muscle health and determine those activities that enhance muscle performance. MuscleSound also provides an early warning signal to avoid the risk of soft tissue injuries and offers the ability to monitor fully healthy return to play.

“We have developed an incredible product that is easy to use, non-invasive and provides immediate data,” said Stephen Kurtz, CEO of MuscleSound. “Our users within team sports, fitness clubs, rehab centers, and even research facilities utilize that data to influence their performance. Now we are taking the same technology into the military and medical markets and expect to increase our customer base significantly over the next 18 months.”

Some of the most notable accomplishments and milestones over MuscleSound’s brief history include:

  • 2011: Company founded
  • 2012: MuscleSound enters the sports industry through partnership with the Colorado Rockies to help team achieve optimal performance and reduce injury
  • 2013: Company’s software to read ultrasound images becomes fully developed and market ready
  • 2013: MuscleSound is issued three patents by the USPTO, covering the use of ultrasound to measure muscle glycogen and related proprietary software; receives U.S. Trademarks protecting its name and visual depiction
  • 2014: MuscleSound develops technology to measure body composition using ultrasound; applies for a patent for this unique application
  • 2014: Independent validation studies of MuscleSound (directly comparing to muscle biopsies to measure glycogen levels) are completed at Appalachian State University and the University of Colorado Medical Center. Publications of these two studies from highly reputable sources prove to be valuable in gaining acceptance and legitimacy with the training and medical staffs of many professional, Olympic and collegiate sports teams
  • 2015: MuscleSound secures $4.3 million in seed funding from multiple angel investors
  • 2015: MuscleSound’s NCAA client roster grows, and includes teams such as Oregon State, the University of Colorado and the University of South Carolina
  • 2015: MuscleSound partners with USA Cycling to support women’s team on ‘Road to Rio’ for 2016 Olympics
  • 2016: MuscleSound celebrates five years. To-date, over 2,400 athletes and 100,000 muscles have been scanned creating the only known useable and accurate data base of muscle energy and MuscleHealth®

About MuscleSound
MuscleSound is a performance and health technology company that helps athletes optimize performance levels and prevent injury with non-invasive MuscleHealth® measurement. The company’s patented software technology and methodology has made non-invasive, real-time measurement of muscle fuel and body composition a reality. MuscleSound delivers prompt and precise data that allows for proactive performance and health-based recommendations to effectively optimize overall recovery and injury prevention.