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Denver Companies Collaborate to Bring Cutting-Edge Ultrasound Technology to Measure Body Composition, Unlock Full Muscle Potential

DENVER—Nov. 17, 2016—MuscleSound®, a Denver-based technology company that helps professional and recreational athletes optimize performance levels and reduce injury risk through MuscleHealth® and body composition measurements, announced today its partnership with a Denver-based gym e3 Fitness. e3 Fitness is one the first gyms to adopt MuscleSound’s cutting-edge ultrasound technology to measure body composition for its clients during performance testing and maximize results.

e3 Fitness provides a lifestyle-focused approach to fitness programming, including group fitness classes, semi-private training, personal training, alongside overall nutrition and health. e3 Fitness offers its clients goals-based training and health-focused coaching that serves as a catalyst, guide, and advocate for full body transformation.

As part of the collaboration, every member at e3 Fitness receives the MuscleSound body composition assessment when they join the gym. MuscleSound’s body composition tool provides a physical measurement to e3 Fitness members with specific information about their body’s make-up, outside of body fat. The non-invasive ultrasound scan looks at primary muscle, bone, water, in addition to other elements. This enables e3 Fitness clients to better measure performance against their goals.

“MuscleSound removes the emotion typically associated with body composition testing,” said Justin Holle, Owner of e3 Fitness. “People don’t trust the accuracy of the results they get with body comp testing when using calipers or other similar methods. With MuscleSound’s body composition technology, our clients get access to easy-to-read, comprehensive results in just minutes. The value of this technology is unbelievable, and since deploying MuscleSound earlier this year, our coaching sessions have become goals and fact-based, and overall so much easier.”

MuscleSound offers the only non-invasive method for measuring body composition pre and post-performance. Utilizing a proprietary cloud-based software, MuscleSound provides accurate, real-time cutting edge muscle data, which allows for immediate and personalized nutritional and performance-based recommendations to optimize performance and validate nutritional behaviors.

“e3 Fitness is one of the first gyms to adopt MuscleSound’s body composition technology, and it’s great to hear their clients are already seeing its powerful benefits,” said Andy Jackson, president and CEO of MuscleSound. “We look forward to continued partnership with our local gym, and are confident that with MuscleSound, e3 Fitness will provide indisputable value to its clients as they help them achieve their personal health goals.”

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About e3 Fitness

Fitness at e3 means lifestyle, change, focus, and impact. It means creating an environment where patrons can flex their muscles with purpose. The e3 Fitness Community operates this way. While at e3, patrons drive to accomplish personal goals with gusto, and see their peers accomplish their goals with that same fervor. Working in a group-format strengthens this bond.

About MuscleSound

Founded in 2011, MuscleSound is a performance and health technology company that helps athletes optimize performance levels and prevent injury with non-invasive MuscleHealth® measurements. The company’s patented software technology and methodology has made non-invasive, real-time measurement of muscle fuel and body composition a reality. MuscleSound delivers prompt and precise data that allows for proactive performance and health-based recommendations to effectively optimize overall recovery and injury prevention.

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