MuscleSound® Adds Muscle Size Measurement to Cutting-Edge Ultrasound Technology

Health Tech Company Revamps Industry’s Outdated Measurement Process with New Muscle Size Assessment; Calculates Muscle Thickness and Symmetry, Tracks Muscle Progress for Most Accurate Results

 DENVERDecember 06, 2017MuscleSound®, a Denver-based performance and health technology company, today announced the addition of a new muscle size feature to its roster of MuscleHealth® assessments. The comprehensive muscle size measurement provides users with essential muscle symmetry, thickness, and muscle growth or decline information. Available immediately to existing and new customers, the robust feature is currently able to determine quadricep thickness, with additional muscle groups rolling out in early 2018.

Having spent more than five years collecting, MuscleHealth and body composition data on athletes, patients and other users, the company saw the need to add muscle size measurements to its proprietary technology platform. To-date, a tape measure has been the most common tool for measuring muscle size in the fitness, medical and sports industries. MuscleSound’s new muscle size assessment determines the thickness of a muscle in real-time using ultrasound technology and cutting-edge software, ensuring the most accurate and comprehensive results—an industry-first.

The new muscle size feature makes it easier to track progress, compare size difference of muscles, and provides information on MuscleHealth which is essential for overall health and well-being. The new assessment is relevant for people at any age and all levels of fitness and mobility. Muscle size measurements are especially useful to the aging population, which has a higher rate of muscle mass loss, people who are recovering from injuries and have experienced muscle mass decline, and individuals active in sports and exercise who focus on building muscle mass and muscle symmetry to prevent injuries.

“Through our extensive experience of scanning a wide range of professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and health care patients we have determined the importance of muscle size and the need to update the current method of measuring it,” said Andy Jackson, President and CEO of MuscleSound. “Assessing muscle size is essential for people of all ages and activity levels, as it will help understand performance related benefits of exercise, track muscle mass progress, and provide early information on muscle loss. We look forward to incorporating this new feature into current and potential client programs and continuing to create new methods for calculating and improving MuscleHealth.”

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About MuscleSound

MuscleSound is a Denver-based performance and health technology company that helps athletes optimize performance levels with non-invasive MuscleHealth® measurements. The company’s patented software technology and methodology have made real-time measurement of muscle fuel and body composition a reality. MuscleSound delivers prompt and precise data that allows for proactive performance and health-based recommendations to effectively optimize overall recovery and readiness. With the vision of MuscleHealth becoming universally recognized as an essential vital sign, the company aims to establish it as the foundation of optimal health, fitness and wellness, through innovative use of musculoskeletal ultrasound, and dependable, ethical customer support. In 2017, MuscleSound was honored with Orthopedics This Week’s Sports Medicine Technology Award for its revolutionary, non-invasive MuscleHealth® technology. For more information, visit