Our MuscleHealth Assessment cycles are here! These are a way to makeĀ it easier for providers to communicate results and next steps to their clients in real time. The new assessment cycles simply lay out the steps of the scanning process and allow MuscleSound providers to communicate to their clients when and what to do next, so they can successfully reach their goals. This enables providers to offer their expert knowledge of their MuscleHealth through past scan measurements, all of which are connected through the assessment cycles.

MuscleSound end users can get real-time results assisting in achieving their goals as well as recommendations on when to re-check progress. The assessment cycles have been rolled out for use at physical therapy, sports medicine, chiropractic, research and fitness and performance facilities, as well as with sports teams.

There are assessment cycles for body composition, Event Preparation, Monitor Rehab, MuscleHealth Physical/Evaluation and Muscle Size

All assessment cycle one-sheets can be viewed, downloaded, and customized here.