MuscleSound can measure Muscle Fuel Symmetry between corresponding right and left muscles of the upper or lower body. To learn more about Muscle Fuel Symmetry, click here.

Background: This individual was first scanned in January of 2016. This was his second session with MuscleSound (his first session measured left and right Gastrocnemius/Soleus (GS) only). During this session, a significant imbalance was measured between left and right Rectus Femoris (RF) muscles and a moderate imbalance was again measured between left and right GS muscles, as you can see below. In both muscle groups, the left side was lower than the right, illustrating a clear asymmetry between legs.

MuscleSound Intervention: During the consultation, we learned he had been dealing with Sciatica on his left side but had thought it had in fact improved to return to activity once again.  MuscleSound worked with the individual to devised a strength and conditioning program to not only improve overall health but to also concentrate on single-leg work to rectify the imbalance between left and right legs.

Result: Improvements were made over time as indicated in MuscleSound scoring, and eventually, symmetry and balance were regained.