Background: During the season this rookie has consistently maintained a high level of muscle energy readiness (as per the chart below). However post training on a particular Friday, he has scored an overall muscle energy value of 53 (teal colored) which is in the average range, while his RF muscles have recorded fuel level have dropped to a low score (red colored). This downward result could be related to the time of the season and ‘rookie fatigue’ or it could have been a challenging training week (Al Nawaiseh et al. 2007; Jakeman et al. 2010).

MuscleSound Intervention: Even though this player has an average (teal) overall status and has scored well thus far during the season, there are recommendations to be made. A follow-up with him during the next 24-36 hours and underline the importance of regeneration processes and nutrition intake/timing in preparation for optimal readiness for Sunday’s game.


Jakeman, J.R., Byrne, C. & Eston, R.G. (2010). “Efficacy of Lower Limb Compression and Combined Treatment of Manual Massage and Lower Limb Compression on Symptoms of Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Woman”. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. 23: 1795-1802.