MuscleSound is excited to announce our Monitor Rehab assessment – a mechanism to properly use our Muscle Energy Status measurement. We can now help the end user know exactly what they are looking for and when a change has happened.

This assessment will help answer the questions How well is my soft tissue injury recovering? How soon can I get back to ‘normal’?

Injured muscles have less capacity to store and utilize Muscle Fuel than healthy muscles. As you move through the rehab process, your muscle begins to heal and this capacity increases. Such improvements can be monitored and tracked by MuscleSound and used to determine the extent and success of the recovery process. Take the guesswork out of your rehab and facilitate a faster return to activity.

Case Story

This athlete’s thigh muscles have historically retained a high fuel rating.  However, both calf muscles initially scored ‘low’, which is an indication of compromised ability to hold fuel.

The athlete made adjustments in behaviors such as sleep, training load, and nutrition to attempt to increase the fuel ratings of the calf muscles.

The final results of this Monitor Rehab Assessment are below. Over the course of a few months, improvements in fuel rating were tracked and acted upon.