MuscleSound worked with an MLB team to observe body composition categories for 62 players on the team in order to assess how it plays into overall MuscleHelath.  The MuscleSound team created five categories based on fat and lean muscle mass to place each scanned player into. These categories are:

  • Underfat
  • Athletic
  • Fit
  • Healthy
  • Overfat

This chart shows where players fell within these categories.

Most players (47%) fell into the “fit” category suggesting that this is a more conducive characteristic for an MLB body type. The next most common body composition categories for this team are “healthy” and “athletic” which are represented by 15 and 11 players respectively.  “Underfat” and “overfat” bodycomp categories only make up a small proportion of the data.

The players with an “overfat” bodycomp show the greatest divergence from the “fit” players at the stomach site demonstrating, on average, an excess of 12.6 mm at this site (Fit-11.2 mm, overfat-23.8mm). Further studies are intended to detect any correlations between body composition and playing position.