An MLB team began using MuscleSound® to evaluate and monitor their players’ Muscle Fuel levels. The following outlines how the training staff has incorporated MuscleSound into their everyday routine in order to improve performance and ensure healthy return-to-play strategies including after knee surgery.

Background: During the 2013 season, this player showed a downward slide of Muscle Fuel. The low fuel level scores continued through the 2014 season as he battled with various ailments before suffering a left knee injury which resulted in season ending surgery.  One month into his rehab/recovery from surgery, there was further fuel depletion.

MuscleSound® Intervention:  During the off-season, the player hired a personal chef and became increasingly serious about conditioning and performance. He continued to be scanned at appropriate markers. By spring 2015 his scores had greatly improved in Muscle Fuel levels and Muscle Health. By continuing to make well-informed nutrition choices and remaining focused on his conditioning and regeneration protocols, he would go on to play a career high number of games, score career high in home runs, and remain injury free during the 2015 season.

Result: MuscleSound was the key tool used to adjust and tailor the daily rehab regimen. The Athletic Trainer was able to immediately adjust the daily program based on real-time measured variances. MuscleSound ensured proper rehab intensity levels and speed to which the return to play program was completed.

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