Sports Teams

Why is MuscleSound Right for your Sports Team?

Be The Leader

Help every athlete reach optimal readiness with data driven, dependable evidence.

Collect immediate, actionable information on Muscle Fuel and Body Compsosition using medical grade ultrasound. Get results you can consistently rely on that will benefit players, teams, and bottom lines


Available to any player, anytime, whether in the locker room or out in the field


Results are downloaded and displayed on your chosen device in only 5 minutes


No squeezing, pinching, or prodding. Players sit or recline comfortably throughout the assessments

Why MuscleSound?

From time and cost to usability and results, MuscleSound simply beats the competition

Meaningful Data

Acquire information tailored to the unique needs of each athlete. Enable optimal preparation for upcoming events.

Pin Point Focus

Zoom in on specific time points. Create instant data snapshots of the team and individual athletes.

Take a Look Back

Track data over time. Identify and analyze trends and changes pre-, during, and post season.

Track Injury Recovery

Monitor rehabilitation progress from an athlete's soft tissue injury. Take some of the guesswork out of treatment.

Monitor Travel Stress

Limit the impact of travel on Muscle Fuel status. Make an earlier start on proactive approaches for the team's return to readiness.

Optimize Nutrition

Get a head's up on your athlete's diet. Monitor the impact of nutritional habits on Fuel status.

Take Action

Immediately assess, share results, and consult goals.

A single MuscleSound scan session can alter an athlete’s training session for that day. It can show them where they are in terms of reaching their goals, and whether or not they need to modify their approach. As an coach/trainer, MuscleSound assessments enable you to build a more personalized program for each athlete. They can also help to determine exercise and lifestyle habits that optimize overall MuscleHealth and performance both in training and during competition.
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Muscle Fuel

MuscleSound provides a convenient, noninvasive alternative.

With 14 key muscle indicators, MuscleSound is not only able to assess the fuel levels and MuscleHealth of all major muscles, but also determine imbalances between the left and right sides of the body.

Body Composition

Comfortably measure body fat and lean muscle mass.

Seven sites are used to assess percent body fat and percent muscle mass. The system also provides a breakdown of fat thickness at individual sites, as well as a comprehensive tracking of change over time in these locations.