Physical Therapy

Combine With Your Unique Treatment Program

Support Mobility

Help patients return to activity by more effectively monitoring their recovery.

MuscleSound technology contributes to your patient’s treatment plan by providing data from inside the muscle - a previously inaccessible component of the recovery process.

Easy to Use

Portable, non-threatening and fits with a busy clinic schedule


Results are downloaded and displayed on your chosen device in only 5 minutes


No squeezing, pinching, or prodding - patients sit or recline comfortably throughout the assessments

Who Can You Measure?

Anyone & everyone! For all ages and bodies types, whatever their goals.

Injured Athletes
Injured Non-Athletes
Functionally Limited Individuals
Anyone Wishing To Improve MuscleHealth
Why MuscleSound?

Specific targeted assessments with accurate, informative results

This new and innovative technology is an additional tool that can help guide the treatment process. MuscleSound looks inside the muscle and is able to quickly determine areas that are storing fuel less efficiently – an indication of muscle dysfunction. As the muscle heals, its fuel storage becomes more efficient. This can be determined and tracked from the analysis of repeated muscle scans.
How do you make money?

Incremental Revenue

Assessment packages can be sold as additional treatment options.
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Muscle Fuel

MuscleSound provides a convenient, non-invasive alternative to muscle analysis.

With 14 key muscle indicators, MuscleSound is not only able to assess the fuel levels and MuscleHealth of all major muscles, but also determine imbalances between the left and right sides of the body.