MuscleSound is excited to have Mona Milton be part of the team. She’s a Denver native who’s always been a fitness fanatic. She works out at least 5 days a week because she loves the body, mind, and health benefits. The love for fitness and sport attracted her to MuscleSound and by incorporating her passion into her work, it’s a win-win for her.

Through understanding the technology, Mona has been better able to tailor her own workouts, understanding what her body needs and why. She’s been using MuscleSound for both her muscle energy status and her body composition and loves seeing the progress. Every time she scans herself, she can see that her workouts, training, and nutrition are all keeping her muscles energized and her body fat levels lowered.

“The fact that MuscleSound can pinpoint the exact fuel level of the muscle is amazing. Sometimes you’ll feel like your workout is particularly tough, and sometimes that same workout feels easy. Understanding energy levels in your muscles is both incredibly important and fascinating. It makes you take a minute and think of what went on before or during the workout to have such different results, and what changes can be made to maximize benefits.”

Mona will be working closely with the rest of the MuscleSound operations team across all verticals.