MuscleSound In The MLB – Customized Fuel Strategies

An MLB team began using MuscleSound® to evaluate and monitor their players’ glycogen levels before the 2013 season. Since then, the club has seen a drastic decrease in soft tissue injuries that have saved the organization millions of dollars in lost salaries. The following outlines how the training staff has incorporated MuscleSound into their everyday routine in order to: 1. Decrease injury risk, 2. Improve performance, and 3. Ensure healthy return to play strategies.

Background: An MLB player was concerned about fueling pre, during, and post-game for ultimate pitching performance in season

MuscleSound Intervention: Testing was done in various muscle groups for pre-game, post-game, and post-conditioning levels. MuscleSound recorded and analyzed glycogen levels during fueling and refueling regiments to find and utilize his peak performance formula.

Result: The player was able to accurately fuel and refuel based on MuscleSound test results. He now knew the amount, type, and timing to appropriately eat or drink. MuscleSound gave him the ability to quickly and precisely operate at desired peak levels. The chart below is his muscle glycogen trajectory for each tested time: pre-game, post -game, and post-conditioning. These measurements allowed MuscleSound to prescribe the appropriate fueling regiment based on how his body responded in each of these tests.


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