A number of factors contribute to overall MuscleHealth.  Many of these factors are modifiable – i.e. they can be impacted by lifestyle behaviors. Awareness of such factors – and how to best deal with them – will optimize MuscleHealth.

  1. Stress: High levels of stress – both physical and mental – have been shown to rapidly deplete muscle fuel, even at rest. An awareness of stress management techniques will benefit MuscleHealth.
  2. Activity: Being regularly active – both physically and mentally – keeps body and brain in good “shape.” Adopting an active lifestyle will have a positive impact on your MuscleHealth.
  3. Body Composition: A body fat percentage and muscle quality score in the healthy range is an indication of appropriate training and/or lifestyle behaviors. An awareness of how to achieve and maintain these conditions will improve overall MuscleHealth.
  4. Illness: Most illnesses, whether acute or chronic will impact your muscles’ ability to “store generate and replenish energy.” Taking steps to get well soon will return your MuscleHealth to optimal levels.
  5. Fatigue: Being fatigued means your muscles are low on fuel. Continuing to exercise will cause a breakdown of muscle. Adopting appropriate recovery routines will improve your MuscleHealth.
  6. Nutrition: Good nutrition enables your muscles to optimally store fuel. Taking advantage of sound nutritional techniques will improve your MuscleHealth.
  7. Sleep: Adequate sleep is necessary for muscles to be optimally efficient at storing fuel. An awareness and application of good “Sleep Hygiene” is a major contributor to MuscleHealth.
  8. Injury: An injured muscle is compromised in its ability to store fuel. Prioritizing rehab will be essential to return MuscleHealth to optimal levels.
  9. Travel: Long distance travel – particularly when it crosses time zones – has been shown to increase stress and so rapidly deplete muscle fuel. Allowing time for rest, recovery and adequate nutrition during and post travel will optimize MuscleHealth.
  10. Surgery: Any kind of surgery produces some kind of muscular stress – and this, in turn, will reduce its ability to store fuel and expend energy. Adopting adequate rehab and nutritional techniques will help speed MuscleHealth to normal level