A Division 1-A College Football team began working with MuscleSound® technology in 2013. They specifically were interested in utilizing proper training and nutrition techniques to support peak performance. The team observed a 60% decrease in soft tissue injuries. MuscleSound has helped guide the training staff to make informed decisions not only on appropriate peak performance strategies, but also has provided guidance to promote readiness, and when injury did occur, ensure healthy return-to-play strategies. The following is a case study prepared for the team in 2013.


Background: Coaches wanted insight into how nutrition and training interventions could influence performance.

MuscleSound® Intervention: MuscleSound® tested players once per week while monitoring nutrition, training length, and intensity throughout.

Result: MuscleSound® found that the whole team experienced a decline in their Muscle Fuel content throughout the season. The lowest team average coincided with mid-term examinations, the mental strains and poor eating choices during that time led the athletes to be most vulnerable to soft tissue injury. The chart to the right breaks the team’s muscle fuel levels down by positional group, showing the consistent declining trend throughout the entire team. Consistent MuscleSound® testing was necessary to ensure diligence of nutritional intake pre, during, and post training and competition for injury prevention. These trends were flagged for the following year, as nutrition, training, and recovery should be directly dependent to the team’s fuel scores.