MuscleSound is excited to announce our Check Readiness assessment – a mechanism to properly use our Muscle Energy Status measurement. We can now help the end user know exactly what they are looking for and when a change has happened.

Two of the most powerful benefits of MuscleSound are the ability to ensure:

  • Your readiness for your exercise ‘event’
  • Your recovery is sufficient for future events

With MuscleSound you now have access to previously unavailable, personalized information related to your physiological readiness for exercise! Many professional teams in a variety of sports use MuscleSound with this kind of approach and tell us it is a key tool for their success.

Case Story

A Check Readiness Assessment was performed on an in-season MLB player to monitor Muscle Health as it relates to game readiness. Previous assessments of this player indicated that adjustments in exercise/nutrition/rest routines were needed to return to optimal status, which would be ideal for athletic competition.

This day’s Check Readiness result displays the positive response in Muscle Fuel to the changes made over the course of the previous week. Results also display where further improvements can be made.

Summary of MES and Fuel Level results displayed below
  • Current MES = 60, colored teal to represent an average value
  • Current MES is up 15% from the previous month
  • Historical MES displays the low red dots recorded from the previous weeks
  • Overall Fuel Levels are within optimal ranges
  • Individual muscle fuel levels are displayed showing the recent improvements over previous assessments