History: An MLS team wanted to understand Muscle Fuel levels and make sure their players were ready to perform for each game day.

MuscleSound Analysis: MuscleSound’s performance team worked with an MLS team over the course of a season to measure Muscle Energy Status using the Check Readiness Assessment.

Results: Improvements in overall team Muscle Energy Status (MES) correlate with improvements in game win/loss records in this MLS team’s season thus far. More than 50% of the team demonstrated low MES in the scanning session seen in mid-April, indicating that overall MuscleHealth was not at a performance readiness state at that time. The team lost all four games in the month of April. Recovery modalities were adjusted in light of the low Muscle Energy Statuses across the team. The team showed appreciable improvements in MES, validating the implemented interventions. The team’s win rate increased to .400 for May and up to .500 for June.