MuscleSound Featured in Velo News

How does an elite athlete refine her diet without impacting performance? Check out this article in Velo News about how to fine tune diet for racing 

MuscleSound Featured in Competitor Magazine

Competitor Running discusses how MuscleSound technology can help runners understand what they might need to make every day a great day for running.   Read the full article here

MuscleSound Featured in Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated features MuscleSound in the article “Measuring Muscles Like Batteries: NFL Teams Turn To Ultrasound, Seeking an Edge.” Read the full article by clicking here:

Dr. Iñigo San Millán Discusses Overtraining With Velo News

MuscleSound Co-Founder and University of Colorado Performance Center Director Dr. Iñigo San Millán talks to Velo News about overtraining, fatigue, and proper nutrition. He was able to study a competitive cyclist using various tests including MuscleSound to get a...

MuscleSound Featured in Direct Interface

MuscleSound’s CEO Andy Jackson talks to Direct Interface Founder Kevin Jordan to share insights on how the company is changing the game. As President & CEO of MuscleSound, Andy Jackson is among an elite group of execs who are at the foreground of innovation...