MuscleSound® Partners with Body In Motion Chiropractic to Optimize Patients’ Performance and Results

Denver-based Company Deploys Cutting-Edge Ultrasound Technology to Measure Body Composition Quickly and Effectively

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DENVER—May 2, 2017—MuscleSound®, a Denver-based performance and health technology company that founded the only non-invasive way of measuring MuscleHealth® to optimize performance and muscle readiness, announced today its partnership with Body In Motion Chiropractic, a Denver-based chiropractic rehabilitation clinic. Body In Motion adopted MuscleSound in late 2016, and is one of the first chiropractic facilities to use ultrasound technology to measure its patients’ body composition to get insight into their body fat and lean muscle mass and track results. In addition to body composition, Body In Motion also deployed MuscleSound’s MuscleHealth® technology to track recovery, direct training, and rehabilitation along the most efficient path.  

Body in Motion Chiropractic is a comprehensive chiropractic rehabilitation clinic dedicated to the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, with the goal of properly diagnosing the condition of each patient and determining the cause to prevent future recurrences. The clinic provides services for patients with back and neck pain, muscle imbalances and weaknesses, tendonitis and overuse injuries, foot, ankle, knee and hip pain, and other injuries. In addition, the clinic also serves as a resource for wellness information to support patients’ health and fitness goals.

 As part of the collaboration, MuscleSound’s body composition assessment provides Body In Motion patients with data about their body’s make-up, outside of body fat. The non-invasive ultrasound scan, which is proven to be faster, more efficient and more comfortable than other leading body composition testing methods, is done in seconds. The scan calculates fat-muscle boundary, site thickness, body fat percentage and lean mass enabling clients to better measure performance against their goals.

“MuscleSound’s body composition testing is a great wellness tool that provides indisputable value to our patients, as they work to achieve their goals,” said Dr. Meghan Dukes of Body In Motion. “Being one of the first and only chiropractic clinics to use ultrasound technology for body composition testing, we truly understand the value it offers to our patients and we’re happy to be a resource for them, as they look for accurate health data that supports them in meeting their goals. There’s no question that this technology is a great differentiator for us and a true value-add to our patients.”

In addition to body composition, Body In Motion also adopted MuscleSound’s MuscleFuel® technology. Body In Motion offers patients a diagnostic tool that determines the relative health of their muscles, that allows them to track muscle rehabilitation after injury. The clinic works with many athletes, who have already been using MuscleSound’s technology to track recovery from chronic injury and understand when they are back at a safe functional muscle level, where their strength and fuel levels are, and whether they’re ready to safely return to training. The technology helps Body In Motion bring patients back to a high-level functioning state before they stop their treatment.

Dr. Dukes added, “Our goal is to properly diagnose our patients’ conditions and determine the cause so we can prevent future recurrences and get them back to what they love doing. Using MuscleSound’s MuscleHealth technology, we can give our patients accurate and trackable data, whether they are training for an event or working back from an injury, which lets them know if they are ready to get back into training safely or not. Notably, the technology is extremely user-friendly, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer such comprehensive data in an easily digestible manner to our patients.”

“It’s been fantastic to see Body In Motion patients using our game-changing technology to measure body composition and optimize recovery,” said Andy Jackson, CEO and President of MuscleSound. “Not only are they able to easily and comfortably see their lean muscle mass and body fat distribution, and track progress over time, but also understand their MuscleHealth to achieve the best possible training and rehabilitation.”

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About Body In Motion Chiropractic

Body In Motion is a comprehensive chiropractic rehabilitation clinic in Denver, Colorado. Body In Motion is dedicated to the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and to promoting the continued health of each patient. Their goal is to properly diagnose the condition of each patient and determine the cause so that they can prevent future recurrences and get them back to the activities you love.

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About MuscleSound

MuscleSound is a Denver-based performance and health technology company that helps athletes optimize performance levels with non-invasive MuscleHealth® measurements. The company’s patented software technology and methodology has made non-invasive, real-time measurement of muscle fuel and body composition a reality. MuscleSound delivers prompt and precise data that allows for proactive performance and health-based recommendations to effectively optimize overall recovery and readiness. For more information, visit